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Sylvain Dagenais November 19, 2014
Amazing app … love it!!!!!!!

Alexander Huizar September 19, 2014
3rd. Star Director Helping individual’s in their every day concerns. With family members, and having a piece of mind on where their childern are and whats going on in their home. Having a private security system set up in their home where they can check to see daily what is going on at home.

Ricardo R. September 12, 2014
A+ A must have app. Awsome, Love it….. just give it a try, and you will see why it has 5 stars.

Sandra Bustos September 9, 2014
Totally Awesome App This is by far one of the best apps that I’ve downloaded. Not only is it helpful in an emergency situation it’s also a great way to earn some extra income

Jesus Perez August 15, 2014
247 helpalert This is a ten STAR wait and see.

Antwoine Henderson July 27, 2014
Great App! A must have

Jim Ferras July 26, 2014
Fantastic app.. 5 stars .

Ajmer Singh July 26, 2014
Good app Good app

Dustin Craig Mitchell, M.Sc. September 30, 2014
Wow What a great app.